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An alias for a popular Myspace celebrity, Matthew Lush. He uses this name on many websites, including Myspace, Stickam and YouTube. For more information, see Matthew Lush. Alternate spelling are: GayGod, Gay God, gay god, and gaygod.
"I watched the new Gay God video on YouTube, he's so inspiring!"

"GayGod's going live!"

"I saw the new bulletin gaygod posted."
by ThePhantom April 15, 2008
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An online activist for gay rights. Has over 200,000 virtual 'Myspace' friends and is therefore considered as a Myspace celebrity.
He is extremely popular in the teen market; mainly attracting confused young boys and girls in awe.
Oh look, it's the one that thinks he's the king of gay... 'GayGod'!
by Sarah Marshall22 July 10, 2008
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An extremely hot myspace/stickcam celebrity-type who stands for equality, stopping cruelty to animals, and free health care.
"OMG! did you read Gay God's idea for the novelty party?!"
"Yes! he totally stands for all that good stuff like stopping cruelty to animals and banning smoking! I heart him a lot!"
by xXiheartbulletsXx November 28, 2006
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An attention whore who pretends to care about Animals and gay rights to promote himself.
Gay God: OMG you guyz check out my brand new photo on Myspace I'm shirtless!!1!

Emo1839: OMG Matthew is so lush he cares about animalz!
by Furious__Styles July 01, 2009
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a word used to describe an indie/ego freak who so happens to be gay!
WTF he's say a gaygod!

OMG he's so bad he must me Matthew Lush =S
by dandino August 12, 2009
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