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A fine academic establishment in Northern Vermont. During the winter, which lasts from October to May, students of LSC can typically be found skiing or snowboarding down the tiny-ass hill between the Stonehenge dorms and the Stonehenge parking lot, climbing the central "ice sculpture" which looks suspiciously phallic most of the time, coming up with incredibly creative methods of smoking pot, contracting food poisoning from the culinary anus of America (a.k.a. Stevens Dining Hall), or seeing how much alcohol it is possible to consume in one night (about 15 hours). During the summer, which is about two weeks of the time the college is actually inhabited by anything besides bears, moose, and really fucked up looking creatures known as "Public Safety Officers", all incoming freshmen are required to find out that no, you don't want to swim in the ponds on campus, and also that the Packing House is not at all worth their money.
Lyndon State College: A good place to get really, really fucked up.
by feceseater25 September 12, 2010

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