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Spanking is the process of repeatedly applying percussive force to the bared arse of a woman. Sometimes the hand can be used, however it may be that the duration and intensity required by a particular occasion demands use of additional equipment such as: hairbrush (wooden, never plastic), paddle (leather, wooden or plastic, if plastic lexan is preferred), strap (leather or rubber, preferrably neoprene), wooden spoon (for kitchen related spankings) or plimsol slipper. Other implements such as cane, martinet (favored in France) etc. may be used however then it becomes a flogging, whipping etc. rather than spanking. Generally the occasion should be accompanied by ceremony such as corner time, requirements that certain clothing (i.e. school uniform, a particular pair of panties) be worn, counting during the spanking, requirements that certain positions be maintained, recording of the event in a book, viewing the results in a mirror etc. The intent of the ceremony is to further focus the spankee on the task at hand and how she is being treated. Sometimes restraint or gagging is indicated if positon cannot be maintained and noise levels are too high. As part of the ceremonial aspect 'extras' can be added if the requirements of the process are not followed properly.

Spankings generally fall into two categories, disciplinary and erotic. Disciplinary spankings are the result of untoward behavior such as smoking in public, backtalking, use of unladylike language, failure to prepare meals properly or on schedule, drunkeness, excessive or unapproved use of credit cards, traffic tickets, having female friends over to the house while sporting events are on TV, talking on the phone too long, flirting with other men at parties, wearing pants or pantyhose, failure to swallow, not keeping sufficient quantities of cold beer of the correct type in the refrigerator, gaining weight and other generally unacceptable female behavior patterns.

Erotic spankings generally occur as the result a desire on the part of the man to warm up the woman as part of foreplay. These are generally administered over the knee on a less formal basis. Typically these are administered with the hand or smaller implement - use of a strap or large paddle is awkward in the over-the-knee position. Birthday spankings should fall into the erotic category.
You dented the fender on my sports car!! Go upstairs, get the razor strop and prepare yourself for a first rate spanking young lady!! You will not be sitting down for at least a week!

What is this $200 credit card charge! Apparently one spanking is not sufficient to impress upon you the need to stay on budget. You are going to get a spanking with my paddle every night for the next week!

by feaner January 18, 2007

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short verb form for cuckold, to make your spouse a cuckold.
I want to get 3 black men with fat dongs. I need to cuck my husband after he porked the babysitter.
by feaner January 18, 2007

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