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Russian expansion zone.
Crimea is an eastern european region. It's Putin's backyard.
by fayarc April 27, 2018
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From Chinese 帥哥 (or 帅哥), pronounced shuài gē.
Refers to a hot or handsome man, generally very attractive.
Literally means "handsome younger brother" but not used literally.
你看了那個男孩嗎?大帥哥啦!- ni kan le nage nanhai ma? Tai shuaige la! (did you see that boy? He's too hot!!!)
by fayarc December 29, 2018
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Misspelling of Fagott, German for "bassoon" (generally used by conductors who are too lazy to translate). Also used in orchestra terminology to refer to the bassoonist.
Hey, meet Fabio. He's our faggot.
by fayarc February 17, 2018
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