3 definitions by fatassslayer69420

i was preeing your story yeh and i seen u selling the a class drugs! could you turn your nsaopmaps onm? it would make it bare easy to purchase the narcotickz from you! wohalli famalam!
easy way to spot FEDS!!!!!!!! #wohalli 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🥷🥷🥷🥷🏿🥷🏿🥷🏿🥷🏿🥷🏿🥷🏿🥷🏿
by fatassslayer69420 July 12, 2023
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short way of saying "i see"
bro 1: pyramid schemes are bad
bro 2: aysee
by fatassslayer69420 July 9, 2023
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"en fet röv" is a fat ass, also known as a BUNDA

guy one: känner du ___? ____ har en fet röv
guy two: nej men jag ska adda snappen, vad är den?
by fatassslayer69420 November 26, 2021
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