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swedish definition of ass,butt,arse,anus and gasa-remsan. Could be used both as word for the place where the brown stuff get out, but also a word you can call a stupid guy (just like "you asshole!")
1. Fan, det kliar i röven!
2. Din jävla röv!
3. Ska vi leka rövkrok
by Gnarp Äta skylt August 08, 2003
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Frenemy has a family tragedy. "Thoughts and prayers."
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A røv is a danish word for a bad guy or an ass.
Du er en "røv" med ører. - danish
You're an "ass" with ears - english
by Niels Daimer April 22, 2008
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Usually, a Rov is that friend in the grey area with a moderate free spirited personality that in some occasions turns into a bad influence, however you just stick around because you are curious to know what's next. He has a very eloquent personality and comes up with the best ideas among your peers. He also possesses an alluring 1.5 dimple, an affection towards milk and nice forearms. Often when talking, a Rov needs some time to come up with the next idea, for which he puts an EXtra EMphasis on certain syllables to gain some time. On the other hand, when talking to a Rov, be patient and ready to repeat the same sentence more than twice, as he is easily distracted by whatever is going on in your face. Energy conservation laws don't apply to him if alcohol is in his system, he becomes an acrobat, a huger, a hand-holder, and exaggeratedly affectionate towards any creature around him at the moment. His projections of love can range from a gently-warm-caressing hand hold to, what some might consider, a choking intent. Nothing to fear, you can regain control of the situation by holding only one of his hands.

A Rov can be a nerd, fast learner for topics of choice... when it comes to grass he is an expert on weeds. He hates to read labels that tell him what to do... Oh, well! that is a result of his free spirited personality...
If you find a Rov, try to enjoy him as much as you can, since a Rov also tends to leave friends with no prior notice during situations of high tension.
Man1: "I dont know what to do now?"
Man2: "I am sure Rov will know"
by RAR AR September 16, 2017
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Crappy polish courier group who specializes in trading bukkake-pr0n.
Tjyv was the first to upload 10gb of bukkake!!111
by xen December 09, 2003
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