Psuedonym for a member of the band Deadsy
Nner's performance at the Deadsy concert last night was awesome.
by Sprite April 24, 2005
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nner is typically used in the gaming world the describe somebody who isn't known to that community. It is a shorter more insulting word for "No Namer"
by Spastikmousy December 22, 2018
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1.) A blonde, skinny, round bottomed boy
2.) What someone utters when completely confused by a situation.
1.) "Look at Joe, he's so nner."
2.) There's a pinapple on my camel? NNER?!
by The Sex December 28, 2004
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When your bro-in out whith the bros and your having so much fun you become aroused.
Bro 1- "yo bro, can you grab me another nattie light, i got a bro-nner and i dont want anyone to see."

Bro 2- "no problem dude, happens everytime i play gamecube."
by bromandudechill February 1, 2009
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