13 definitions by faith

A personal relationship with the saviour messiah.The "mighty one" of Israel.
To know him is to love him.He loves us enough to make a way for us.He has redeemed us! And we have only to believe and we are saved!
by faith October 01, 2004
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1.(masculine)One who breaks a girl's heart through cowardice and lack of testicles.
2.One who benefits from their own lack of testicles.
That fricking ball licker broke my heart! He's such a ball licker!!
by faith January 26, 2005
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A town in the north of Scotland (Britain). Famous for Skiing and outdoor activities.
by faith July 30, 2004
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A Loyal friend who is like God, very humble,meek and handsom.Once you meet him you are drawn to him by his natural charm, and you will never wont to let go.
Someone who is always there when you need him.
by faith December 08, 2004
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(noun) 1. a club in which wannabe girls (who are, sadly, guys) enjoy feminine activities such as singing lumberjack songs and practice personal grooming.

2. (adj/noun/verb) a term used with either 'ing', or 'er' to decribe a member of the feminine club, most likely the leader, gURINE, or mihai, its wannabe leader.
1. woah! that snapshot totally captured the feeling of sugarman's initiation into the feminine club by gurin with the tapping of drum sticks between two feminine guys!

2. man, that guy is a feminine clubber who is feminine clubbing it to da maxx0rs!
by faith March 25, 2004
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a sarcastic term for a "cool" person or clothes
Yeah, you're gear dude!
by faith August 21, 2003
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