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originally a boxing term. refers to the resilience a fighter has, especially in regard to blows to the head.

someone who cannot handle getting hit in a fight very well is said to have a weak chin or a glass jaw. someone who can handle lots of abuse is said to have a strong chin.
dude 1: man, that guy's really taking a beating!

dude 2: yeah, but he's still fighting, look at him, it's like the punches aren't even affecting him.

dude 1: he's got a hell of a chin on him, that's for sure.
by facefault October 10, 2011

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when a bullet fired from a gun strikes its target at a funny angle, the resulting asymmetrical hole looks like a keyhole, hence the name. usually caused by a worn or damaged barrel, or poor quality/incorrect caliber ammunition.
that ancient pistol i inherited from my grandfather is so worn out, half the time the bullets will keyhole and the other half of the time i can't even hit the target.
by facefault November 12, 2011

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an injury caused by the recoil motion of the slide on a semi-automatic pistol. typically caused when the shooter has his or her thumb in the way.
The first time I shot my pistol I got a wicked slide bite on my thumb. I haven't made that mistake again!
by facefault November 07, 2011

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to drink water directly from the faucet.
Dude 1: "Hey, you need a glass?"
Dude 2: "Nah, I'll just take a quick bachelor sip."
by facefault October 31, 2011

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