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two men who like to meet up together and trim their pubic hairs with some garden shears.
word originaly comes from the italion dictionary but has ancestors of the orient. it was later combined with the new engish chav culture to be a re-invented word
1: fancy meeting up tonite for trimming our pubes??
2: yea!! awesome ill bring the garden shears
1: make sure they aint rusty this time and try not to cut yourself aswell :/
2: you know we really should create a name for this
1: bellshears!!??
2: rock on dude, pick me up in your megan sports coupe tonite then
by excessive? April 08, 2007
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gay simply means gay
1. omg your gay
2. so
1. thats so gay!!
2. but im very gay about been gay
3. shut up you gay twat
by excessive? April 24, 2007
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