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scene is the kids you see at local band shows/concerts and they usually are conceded in fashion, although you can find some that aren't. you can spot out the posers or whores by they way they act. posers have no idea about the music behind the fashion and just focus on the fashion. "true" scene kids focus on the musical aspect of the it all, and usually are not attracted to those who pose. the age of a scene kid can range from early high school14 until college 21-25. some scene kids can be in the bands or help out with the sound and merchmerchandiseaspect of it all.

the music that a scene kid listens to is usually screamothe devil wears prada, vanna, silverstien, norma jean, escape the fate, senses fail indie music, underground local although some scene kids like myself like some rap, esp the covers that screamo bands dosoulja boy-calvary kids but yeah. they also learn how to hardcore dance and mosh at hardcore shows.
if you are also a scene kid, get popular on the social networking site, "Myspace". take pictures of your hair at obscure angles and always include your bang in every picture.
learn photoshop or some photo edtiing equvialant as well
the language of a scene kid
usually scene kids use an aimomg, lyke no wayyyyyyy, d00d you are so hXc etc.
the fashion of scene kid.
girls usually have choppy cut hair in the back with long bangs to one side, and it is always straightened. natural hair color is accepted but some girls and guys usually have it dyed different colors. red, pink, black or any hot or bright color is accepted. band shirts and skinny jeans{for guys some wear girl jeans, but jcpenney and levis make skinny jeans for men now] are a trademark way to spot a scenester, also old skool skate shoes vans, airwalk, rocket dogs which you can find at any skate shop or payless if you are poor. lol. some scene kids who are "hardcore" usually sport a bandana in any sold color or checker pattten, worn around the neck like a bandit or tied around the head the exenuate the bang. eyeliner and guyliner is accepted but for guys is not needed.
bum gloves are also accepted too.
sweaters that are tight and usually have some type design and this is with every sweater or shirt
stripes in any direction
obscure/indie designs
guns & hearts
rain clouds
brass nuckles
the end. i hope this helped
scene convo
d00d, are u going 2 dat kidnap show 2nite, it finna be badass.
yeah, i am going to be int the front,
d00d, you see dat whore over there, she is such poser, she dosent know the words to that song
LYK OMG, did you see me windmill that kid, i fuggin rock
yaeeeeeeeeehhhh d00000dd. you are soo hxc
by evanxeradicate December 10, 2007

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