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Tom is a beautiful man,who is very talented who is one third of a super hot and great band Blink 182. Tom DeLonge is also in a band call Box Car Racer. Tom in both his bands has sold millons of copies of all of his cd's around the world. He has done what only some wish they could ever accomplish and what some dream of everyday.Tom is an amazingly hot man. I have never seen someone better looking and talented in one. And too those who mock them that is fine but why bother...you dont like them thats cool but i mean too come on a site that people want to see nice things about a band they like. Then they things like "blink 182 sucks ". It seems pointless and stupid, when people say "oh there not punk!"...who cares whatever they are is what alot of people like...even if you call them count who really cares. So this is a note: I love Tom DeLonge...Thank You and Good night!
Tom DeLonge is so hot I can't believe it.
by Erin October 23, 2004
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verb: to perform cunnilingus.
also: cunnilinged, cunnilinging
deverbal nouns: cunnilinger, cunnilingee
I got cunnilinged by this guy with a hurricane tongue.
by erin January 01, 2005
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originates in old gaelic and means "ireland forever"
on st. patrick's day, many irishmen were heard shouting "eringobragh"
by erin June 17, 2006
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Both of them.
"Damn, I couldn't decide which pair of sneakers to get, so I bought bofum."
by Erin April 03, 2003
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british slang for destrucive behaviour, usually caused by youths such as stone trowing, petty arson or vandalism or other misdemeanours.
ASBO's were originally meant to prevent yobbish behaviour but have since turned into a UK version if the Patriot Act.
by erin October 29, 2004
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1. a boring or rather uninteresting person

2. typical cornstarch-thickened pudding popular in England

3. A space pastry from the andromeda glaxy who wish to turn all the englishmen into scotts men in order to win wimbleton.
Look, Mr. and Mrs. Brainsample have come on to the court, it appears they intend to eat the blancmanges.
Horray! this is a good day for man ind
by erin November 13, 2004
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a type of Carvel ice cream cake
It's my birthday, I want to eat a cookie puss!
by Erin May 07, 2004
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