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THUD (Thuroughly Hard Upright Dick)

THUDs happen.

When a THUD happens at a completely unfortunate or embarrassing time, that is a THUD Blunder.
My date THUD Blundered while we were dancing.
by ericizmine February 22, 2010
A 'long term' one night stand. Typically, a vacation hook-up where the parties don't stay in contact.
I should've gotten that week-ling's number before i came home from Spring Break.
by ericizmine January 24, 2011
A Pre-Game activity.

The act of intentionally cranking up a player's testosterone levels by doing anything and everything to get him hard and horny as hell so that he'll be criminally aggressive during the game.

AKA: 'Pre-Game Blue Balls' & 'Coach's Cock Block' & 1st and Tense'

Endorsed by high school and college Football and Rugby coaches.

*At least where I'm from.
Crank Play is why God created cheerleaders.
by ericizmine February 24, 2010
Nacht mare is the literal translation of 'nightmare'.

It's a dream so horrible and surreal it could only be made worse if it had been in German.
It was explained in the movie 'Rachel Getting Married' by Anne Hathaway's charater Kym.
by ericizmine February 22, 2010
1- A partner you would use a genie wish to be forgotten by.

2- A booty call when you're on a good date (or in one).

3- When your girlfriend wants to be slow and romantic when you're in the mood to just have sweaty, kinky porno sex.

Not to be confused with Suckcess, but similar to suckstress.
1- an ex who seems to drunk dial you on weekends.

2- a girl who creeps up to you while you're on a date is Sexcess baggage.

3- all kissing, no anal
by ericizmine February 22, 2010
A one-der is a date without repeat. A booty call without keeping the phone number.
What's the status of that girl you took home last night?
She was just a one-der...
by ericizmine January 24, 2011
The pivotal point for a female between dry and dripping with sweat achieved only while dancing ones ass off at a club or party.

Club-Shine requires the service of a capable DJ who can play more than 2 danceable songs in a row or a host that doesn't have Rick Astley on their iPod.

Club-Shine is a non-point for men because society allows them to just call it sweat.
After 5 songs, my club-shine was at risk, so we grabbed a couple mojitos to cool off.
by ericizmine February 22, 2010