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A person who exploits environment and society in order to take part in obtaining natural gas from deep shale deposits through unconventional hydraulic fracturing or fracking, which uses directional drilling and millions & millions of gallons of slickwater (water mixed with carcinogens), most of which is left underground along with other unknown substances.

Gasholes are common in regions of Appalachia where Marcellus Shale is currently being drilled and fracked. Gasholes are prominent in Tioga, Bradford, and Susquehanna Counties, in Pennsylvania, and in the town of Dimock, PA, especially, because Pennsylvania's regulations give natural gas companies many exemptions in addition to the exemptions afforded by the federal government. True gasholes do not care if your water well, your pond, your stream, or your land is contaminated by natural gas operations. You will know a gashole has been on site by the confused and disgruntled looks of their victims, who truly cannot believe that anyone would treat another human being the way they were just treated by the gashole, especially over something as simple as asking the gashole to acknowledge their responsibility for contaminating a person's water supply.

NOTE: Most gasholes drive white trucks; most are male. Some are third-party contractors.
Me: "Do you have a business card?"
Gashole: "Yes, but..."
Me: "...but the family you affected isn't allowed to call you?"
Gashole: "Right!"

Gashole, after HIS company contaminates YOUR water supply: "You're being unfair to us!"
by eponymous35733 May 24, 2011
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