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Someone who is a bitch and will steal your pet goldfish that lived for 5 f*king years

I know your reading this Abaan, give me back my goldfish
omg that guy is such an Abaan
by epicman2246 January 24, 2020

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This is the type of person that gives you a black mousepad the day he leaves the country, a really good friend that always thinks about others, and, a wannabe gigachad
that mark guys is SUCH a jacobo
by epicman2246 October 28, 2020

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a really cool guy, 6'2 height, professional circle clicker, anime gamer master

good things come in small packages

did you know that 0.0423 calories burn from every click?
they don't know I'm a Zohair
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by epicman2246 March 18, 2021

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