3 definitions by emu otori

a rhythm game go play it or be a non epic gamer!!
person A : i luvvvv pproject sekai!!!
person B; me too..
person A; wanna make out
person B; yes
makes out.
by emu otori May 14, 2022
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someone who should hurt themselves, a kodocon and more
Omg! i love midorisfurryrattail13 “
go kys
by emu otori December 14, 2021
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you have officially gone insane, please im begging you,touch grass.

you have tried EVERY combination by now.

please. go, go and touch some grass.
"why do you want to admit yourself to an insane asylum"


"im so sorry, ill admit you."
by emu otori July 11, 2023
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