19 definition by emily laura

a laid back person, who refuses to conform to the masses, just does their own thing and usually gets hated for it!!
"Look at that dirty casual!!"
by emily laura May 07, 2005

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Acronym for Proffesionally Trained Idiots
I'm a member of the PTI's
by emily laura June 11, 2005

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A random word, created by me, used when no other word will do.
"I'm so bored!"
"Me 2, me 14.7!"
by emily laura April 16, 2005

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ride at alton towers...a scary 87.5 degree drop...fucking awesome
does it need one?????????????????????????????
by emily laura June 17, 2005

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A name for a girl that spreads easily.
Girl 1 - "You're a right slag!!"
Girl 2 - "No I'm not - FLORA!!"
by emily laura May 04, 2005

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