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Graphics card owned by AMD, by far the best kind.
Want to see my ATI RADEON?
by elevatorfan7072 January 30, 2012

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Those plastic flutes that everyone got in 5th grade.
I could never play the recorder right
by elevatorfan7072 December 04, 2014

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This happens when your foot(s) fall asleep (when the veins collapse for an extended period of time) and your skin gets numb. When you walk, it feels like pins and needles.
Guy 1: (bad emotion)
Guy 2: What's the matter?
Guy 1: I'm walking on pins and needles.
Guy 2: Sit down and rest your legs for a minute.
(1 minute later)
Guy 1: That feels better!
See also: pins and needles
by elevatorfan7072 August 03, 2012

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