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when a person has really cold toes.
usually they try to warm them up by sticking their feet on and/or under a warmer person.
"get your feet off me! you have popsicle toes!"
by el-vis February 10, 2008
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1. the extremely desperate form of "why?"
*note: sounds most eloquent when spoken with an accent, i.e. a southern accent
teacher:"what did you learn about pygmy goats, from the article you read?"
student:"well, they are small..."
teacher:"yes, but whyyy are they small?"
student:"ummm... i dunno. because of their genes?"
teacher:"yes, that's true. but, whyyy??? what about their genes makes them small?"
by el-vis February 11, 2008
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1. a person with very warm, often sweaty, feet
2. what happens to your feet after warming them in front of the fireplace.
3. a good source of heat for a person with popsicle toes.
bob: "your popsicle toes are freezing!"
sally: "sorry, but you have heater feet- i'm just warming my feet up."
by el-vis February 10, 2008
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