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okey dokey diet(/lemon) cokey - meaning OK
used by someone that accepts that by saying it they are in fact an epic douche.
guy 1 'i'm off mate'
guy 2 'okey dokey diet cokey'
guy 1 '...you...er...you realise that you're a douche?
guy 2 'yeah...'
guy 1 'sick blad' *leaves*
by eggsonlegs October 06, 2008

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Mix between a quiche and a frittata..
Quiche without pastry or crust... add some vegies (or not) but still mainly egg, bacon, onion.
Quittata is yummmm to eat and easy to make.. there is no specific ingredients just use whats in your fridge.... and dont add that crust! :)
"Man I feel like a quiche but dont want the carbs..."
"No probs! I'll make a quittata!"
by eggsONlegs October 08, 2013

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to foo-jet, is too pull out of an orafice on the verge of ejaculation, tense the buttocks and really unleash one final jerk of the shaft, resulting in a powerful stream of jizz.
Best results are when the 'foo-jet' is directed at the face.
The verb of 'foo-jet' is to 'fooj' or 'foodge'
The fluid is known as 'face-jetty'

Girls really dig surprise foojing.
'when i foo-jet, i aim for the eyes'
'go fooj the teacher'
'i foojed like a cannon'
by eggsonlegs October 06, 2008

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