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a person who is addicted to crack and is and or high on crack or lack of crack and therefore scratches there neck constantly.
known as the Crack Head's Itch
{crack head's itch}


{crack heads itch}
by dwight mchunglow February 03, 2010
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Famous doll that was in the 1960's Television show the twilight zone episode called " Living Doll "
by dwight mchunglow February 05, 2010
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what an older peson / or a technology impaired person calls myspace and facebook

kid : dad just text me or write me on myspace!

dad : i don't know how do do all that texting and tweeting or " myface and yourface ! "
by dwight mchunglow February 06, 2010
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rap group. known for such songs as " wikid games " and " asylum nightmares "

members consist of " kamikaze " and " phatty c "
kryptik killaz
by dwight mchunglow February 02, 2010
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also known as Blood cock . a medical disorder where the male bleeds out of his cock everytime attempting an erection .
by dwight mchunglow February 05, 2010
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