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The term jock is commonly used by self confessed anti-socialists.
Skaters frequently use this term, as they are jealous of the more popular, better sports people. Although these people tend to think too highly of themeselves, they tend to succeed in gaining a number of the opposite sex as dedicated followers, of which outsiders are jealous of.
by Duncan February 26, 2005
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A woman of questionable background, with whom sex would necessitate wearing two condoms.
Q: Would you screw Paris Hilton?
A: Sure, but I'd double up on the jimmy hats 'cuz she's a double bagger.
by Duncan February 19, 2005
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a term uses when something good happens, or can be understood as 'Want One Of Those'.
"i just saw a mitsubishi pick-up, w00t."
by Duncan March 19, 2005
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