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A phrase used to reference an object/person/event in a way that appears to be "out of date". It is a polite way to tell someone there music/hair/car/wardrobe/home electronics/home furnishings are TERRIBLE and they need new ones!
Glenn: Dude,look at that chick over by the bar,she is HOT!

Longo: DUDE, look at her hair, she is "Real 80s" man. Those jeans she has on, in San Diego you never see that style, that's "Real 80s".
by drummerg2 April 11, 2009

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When you reference someone of Spanish origin.
Guy 1- "Dude my new neighbor is HOT!!
Guy 2- "Man your right, you didn't tell me she was a "Fence Jumper"

Guy 1 - "my new co-worker is a Fence Jumper"
by drummerg2 September 01, 2010

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