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A rapper from Hayward, California. Can rap fast or slow and was known for his gangster hits such as:

Tha Murda Show
Strap On The Side
The Thug In Me
Face Of A Desperate Man
Welcome To The Ghetto
Trigga Gots No Heart
Hard To Kill
187 Proof
his best song is 'Jealous Got Me Strapped' with 2pac

2pac was a big fan of Spice 1 and said he was one of the realest out there and was in a few of his videos such as:

Strap On The Side
Trigga Gots No Heart (Where he had the fight with the Hughes Brothes)

Spice 1 is known for putting East Bay area on the map. He was founded by the rapper Too Short.

Spice 1 was shot in the chest on the morning of December 3, 2007, while sitting in his Cadillac Escalade outside his parents' home in Hayward. The shooting is believed to be motivated by robbery, rather than any sort of rivalry. He suffered a collapsed lung.
Spice 1:
But now the street is a place you could be swallowed by death
Brothers takin each other’s lives
And going to rest in peace
I wonder if heaven got a ghetto
My cousin died last year
And I still can’t let go
from the song 'Welcome To The Ghetto'
by Spice Method August 13, 2010
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A rapper from Hayward, California known for his grim and frightening portrayal of urban street life in his music. He was first discovered by rapper Too $hort, and garnered much respect from late rapper Tupac Shakur.
Spice 1: "A touchin scene niggas screamin in the rain
Looked in his homeboy's face
His homie said his name
Now he'd be lookin for that nigga with the Gat and
Ready for that Redrum
With the face of a desperate man"
by Chewbacca's Disciple January 06, 2007
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