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A trendy adverb or noun-enhancer that can be cleverly concealed into any part of a sentence for endless fun. Most commonly used after verbs and, sometimes, nouns.
Did you just see him dip-set?
Please stop hitting-set me with that shovel-set.
Make-set me a sandwich.
by drox June 5, 2007
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Originally meant to describe a bland or emotionless facial expression (resting) that unintentionally appears angry or grumpy (bitch face), the phrase has devolved and is now often used to shame women who have the audacity to not smile cheerfully every moment of every day for other people's enjoyment whether they feel happy or not.
Most of the pictures that supposedly depict resting bitch face actually just show a resting face. Are we so used to seeing smiling women everywhere that we no longer know how to respond to a woman who isn't smiling?
by drox September 15, 2015
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Despite the naughty-sounding name, a diddle stick is actually just a small non-conductive screwdriver-like tool for making fine adjustments to components inside a variety of electronic devices.

Yes, it's supposed to be small.

Diddle stick may be hyphenated (diddle-stick) or combined to form one word (diddlestick).
Engineer 1: Crap! I got my diddle stick wedged inside the gonkulator housing again!
Marketing Drone: What were you doing with... never mind; I don't want to know.
Executroid: Ewww! I'm never touching the gonkulator again!
Engineer 2: Hee! They have no idea what a diddle stick is, do they...
by drox June 8, 2007
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