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(verb) Modifying an electric vehicle (EV) with the sole purpose of increasing the vehicle's performance. Involves any modifications of the EV's electrical components including but not limited to batteries, current (in amperes), microprocessors, inverter, electric motors, etc. Applies to any battery-powered electric vehicle.

(adjective) 'Amped': used to describe an EV which has been modified to increase the vehicle's performance.
(verb) "My neighbor has been amping his Tesla model X with hopes to win at the drag race."

"I'm planning to amp my EV next week at the shop."

(adjective) "That EV was quicker than I was expecting. It must be amped."
by droolyface June 02, 2021
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Verb: The physical action of transforming in to a werewolf.
When the full moon rises she will lycanthropize, thereby taking on the form of a werewolf.
by droolyface June 24, 2021
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