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It's the kind of love that has no boundries. It's more than unconditional. It's that place between serenity and insanity. It's sacrificing one's own desires for the happiness of the other. It's realizing that she/he is the only person you ever want to wake up next to. It's not really something that can be explained; just felt. To put it another way, the feeling you get when gazing into their beautiful eyes and not just seeing them looking back at you. Rather, you see their soul. You see what can be. You see everything you've ever wanted and more bundled up into this one special person. It's the feeling of wanting to make them happy, even it means that she/he would be happier with someone else. It's the strength needed to give them time to think about what she/he wants and being able to respect their decision. It's a love that never fades.
I have a Joseph's love for Noel.
by dragontattoo86 March 02, 2009

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