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n. contact between the lips of one person and...pretty much anything else. Used as a sign of affection, as greeting (not so much here in America, more in Europe--this kind of kissing may or may not involve actual contact), or as an expression of sexual interest/passion/as foreplay.

v. to do the above.

n. KISS was a 70's four-man American band that sprang from the Metal movement; they delighted in the burlesque and are as well known for their heavily made-up stage personalities as they are for their music. Made an AWFUL movie involving capes and bad dialogue, but nonetheless have a cult following.
1)Mooom, you didn't give me my goodnight kiss!
1)Leah I haven't seen you in ages! *they exchange peck-like kisses on each others' cheeks*
1)*passionate liplock *fadeout**
2)My friend Jeremy is crazy about KISS--he has all their albums, and even their action figure collectibles!
by down_2_earth_angel March 21, 2007

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A fairly gender-neutral hairstyle in which the hair is worn straight(ened)and reasonably short with a long bang/fringe, often swept dramatically to one side. The hair on the back of the head is sometimes cut shorter for a more aggressively stylish look, and in this case is often mussed or spiked with product. The hair may be dyed or natural; if dyed, the preferred color is usually black or red or both.

This style is most popular within the generation born in the late 80's; it is associated with 'emo' music and its cult following. This hairstyle is ideal for people of said cult following, since the long bang(s) have the following uses:

-they obscure the eyes, thus making the facial expressions less readable and so lending an air of glamorous mystery to the wearer
-this facial obstruction provides a sense of privacy to those less-social members of the emo movement
-they provide the wearer with an excuse to execute the "emo hair toss," which not only serves the practical function of clearing the hair from the eyes (if only for a tragically brief moment), but also, the motion itself is a way of expressing one's emo attitude

Emo hair is best worn with a tight black shirt, a victim mentality, and a warped genius. If you are already college-age and have emo hair, you had better be in a band. Otherwise, ditch it: you look immature and overly self-involved.

Emo music and its hair began as a method of self-expression (of deep and gut-wrenching despair and frustration, often) and self-differentiation from the masses. Unfortunately it has become little more than a fad followed by the shallow and the easily influenced.
Emo Boy1: My existence is agony. I think I'm going to go wash my hair and then post pictures on MySpace.
Emo Boy2: Shut the fuck up, poser. You only turned emo when it went mainstream. You don't know what agony is.
Emo Girl: OMG their emo hair is so hot! If I can't date someone with emo hair, I'll cut myself!
Emo Girl2: *emo hair toss*
by down_2_earth_angel March 20, 2007

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1) to give out information in an overly obvious, even patronizing manner. Done intentionally for the purpose of being rude, or perhaps done by a teacher too lazy to engage his/her students in discussion (by attempting to prevent discussion by leaving no room for speculation). Done unintentionally by people simply trying to be clear (I'm toeing the line right now, lol), or by those who don't understand the power of understatement. When such behavior is comical--see captain obvious

2) Telling people only what they want to hear, or only what you want them to hear, aka, disguising opinion as fact.

Not to be confused with spoonfed, which refers to those who are unable to care for themselves physically or mentally and so must rely on others. Derogatory.
1) Example:
Customer: So, what's wrong with my car?
Mechanic: Well, there seems to be a problem with a differential...differentials are sets of gears that...
Customer: Hey, no need to spoonfeed me, sir. Just give me the facts.

2)Think back on all the political speeches you've ever heard or polit. editorials you've read. Remember the ones telling you to 'take heart in the current crisis, and stand strong, because America is God's country and we WILL triumph over evil'?
yeah. Spoooonfeeeeeding
by down_2_earth_angel March 20, 2007

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