1) to give out information in an overly obvious, even patronizing manner. Done intentionally for the purpose of being rude, or perhaps done by a teacher too lazy to engage his/her students in discussion (by attempting to prevent discussion by leaving no room for speculation). Done unintentionally by people simply trying to be clear (I'm toeing the line right now, lol), or by those who don't understand the power of understatement. When such behavior is comical--see captain obvious

2) Telling people only what they want to hear, or only what you want them to hear, aka, disguising opinion as fact.

Not to be confused with spoonfed, which refers to those who are unable to care for themselves physically or mentally and so must rely on others. Derogatory.
1) Example:
Customer: So, what's wrong with my car?
Mechanic: Well, there seems to be a problem with a differential...differentials are sets of gears that...
Customer: Hey, no need to spoonfeed me, sir. Just give me the facts.

2)Think back on all the political speeches you've ever heard or polit. editorials you've read. Remember the ones telling you to 'take heart in the current crisis, and stand strong, because America is God's country and we WILL triumph over evil'?
yeah. Spoooonfeeeeeding
by down_2_earth_angel March 20, 2007
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