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The badass is an uncommon man of supreme style. He does what he wants, when he wants, where he wants. You won't find him on facebook, myspace, msn et cetera because he is probably out being cool somewhere. He might be on a motorcycle, but it's probably not a Harley or a crotch rocket because he won't spend that much money to be accepted. Traditionally, he will smoke, but it's not necessary at all. He feels no obligation whatsoever to justify his beliefs, values, convictions, morals et cetera with anyone. He likes his music because it sounds cool to him. You won't find him if you look for him because there is no sure way to identify him. One does not think that he is badass; he KNOWS it and that's that. Alternatively, a badass is the complete opposite of a douchebag.

Likely to be found in a popular pub taking your money on the pool table then buying you a beer with it, you won't identify him by his clothing because there is no badass uniform. He's probably not sporting the latest fad, he's not wearing $200 jeans, and he doesn't have frosted hair. He's always up for a challenge, he'll probably succeed and he seems to be good at everything. But at the same time, the badass attitude is like: "ok well I don't give a shit".

Genuinely intriguing and intrigued by others, he radiates confidence in everything he does and fears nobody. He won't pick a fight but DO NOT fuck with him, because he will beat the shit out of you with his bare hands. He's taken more punches to the face than you have, and he's probably busted a few knuckles (on more than just the kitchen cabinets in the dark). Treats people with respect up to the point where they cross the line with him. Keeps his cool but won't be pushed around. He does not justify insecurities by bringing others down; he'll accept everyone to have as much fun as he is having regardless of what they look like.

In general: the behavior and appearance of the badass are as unique and indescribable as he is, because he is not part of a group or class, he's too cool for words. He's fucking badass.

By the way, just because Dane Cook claims to be a BAMF, that does not make him a badass. That makes him a douchebag. Do you get it now?
1. Girl: "that guy is so badass, what's his name?"

2. Guy: "hey that dude just threw three bull's-eyes in a row then slammed a beer, he's pretty fucking badass."

3. Douchebag: "hey man, look i just bought a (hummer, corvette, harley....etc), i'm badass now aren't I?"
by dougdougdoug August 17, 2007

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A t-shirt company advertising on Urban Dictionary. The slogans on the shirts are silly, but it is worth noting that they are SUPPOSED to be. They might as well make a shirt that says:

"I know this shirt is stupid, you don't have to tell me".

Apparently lots of people don't like the shirts at all. See example:
Jim: Hey Joe, where did you get that silly silly shirt?
Joe: From busted tees, a website advertised on Urban Dictionary.
Jim: oh! What's Urban Dictionary?
Joe: It's this website that has definitions of the parts of language not found in real dictionaries, or, "slang".
Jim: That's stupid, so is your shirt.
Joe: yeah, that's the point, dickwad.
Jim: What does "dickwad" mean?
Joe: Look it up on Urban Dictionary.
by dougdougdoug August 26, 2007

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Evolved from rug muncher: a steam cleaner is one who performs cunnilingus with abnormal enthusiasm, therefore having an effect on the pubic hair similar to that which a steam cleaner would have on a rug.

Usually a term reserved for dykes.
Girl: "wow that bitch is a steam cleaner"
Steam cleaner: "slurp slurp"
by dougdougdoug October 26, 2007

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A social science best described as the study of how environmental stimuli influence an animal's behavior. Fundamental concepts such as Pavlovian Conditioning and Instrumental Conditioning are the basic Principles behind learned behavior and can be used as one method of explaining any kind of behavior.

Psychology is one of the easiest ways for a slacker (like me) to obtain a B.Sc. without concern for natural sciences like Chemistry, Calculus, Physics et c. It's legitimacy is apparently controversial, judging by the other definitions listed, but let's not forget that this is URBAN DICTIONARY.

It is true that many students major in Psychology, and they're also the ones you'll find in some Pub during midterm week because they got their studying done early. Not all Psychology majors want to be shrinks, some just want to get a degree and get the fuck out with as little effort as necessary. Isn't that what University has become these days? A B.Sc. is, after all, a B.Sc.
Guy one: Hey man, what did you think about that Psychology class?

Guy two: Good enough. Let's go get a beer and a burger and then we'll party in the dorms.

Guy three: okay, fuck those med students man, not everyone is cut out to be a doctor.

Guy one: yeah, I'm a lazy piece of shit. But whatever.
by dougdougdoug September 26, 2007

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1. (noun) A motorcycle falling under the class: "sport bike". Traditionally used in motorcycle racing because of their high performance, crotch rockets are instantly recognizable due to the fact that the engine is completely covered by the body of the bike, and the operator looks as though he is "riding a rocket". Visualize a person sitting horizontally on a rocket flying through the air, now imagine that rocket is slowly becoming a motorcycle, but the rider maintains that "rocket riding" position. Now stop using your imagination and you have the visual of a crotch rocket. They're fucking gay. Unless you are using them for racing, you should not be riding one.

Most likely the rider is a complete douchebag who spent too much money on some Japanese piece of shit so he can weave through busy traffic and piss people off. Basically the sole cause of the bad stigma attached to motorcyclists, because of their disproportionally high accident rate and jackass driving habits.
"A Kawasaki Ninja is a crotch rocket."

"Dude I borrowed my buddy's crotch rocket to go to _____________ last week, I went 300 miles in two hours down the interstate. Good thing I didn't hit a rock on the road. Did I mention I cut off at least sixty people and caused three accidents in my wake?"
by dougdougdoug August 17, 2007

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