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1.a boy that is shy and scared of heights

2.a sexy,smart,athletic boy but sometimes slutty
1.Gab:Ride The Rollercoaster!
Gab:You are such a Stakes!

2.*hot boy passes by*
Some Chick:oooh dat boy is such a stakes!
by dokphenom January 23, 2008
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1.a awp,deagle, And ak47 whore in counter strike

2. A person who sucks and use hacks to save their nerd ass in counter strike
1."OmFG dat nubbah just frickin killed me!!!!!"

2. -record-
1 kill. 1337 deaths
Egay says "its time 2 b a nubbah n suk balls!!!!"
by dokphenom January 20, 2008
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1.snap+nipples. Its an expression when its cold and when you see a hot chick
*50 cent passes by*
alstin:oh snipples!!!!!!

*jessica alba passes by*
Stakes:oh snipples!!!
by dokphenom January 20, 2008
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a fat asian who has at least have three chins
chinese guy: am i fat?
chinese chick: no!
chinese guy: rele how?!
chinese girl: cuz u wud be a chunky instead of a chink
by dokphenom January 21, 2008
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