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The "soon to become popular" term that will come to represent President Elect, Barak Obama's failed, socialist-influenced economic plan.
"let me get this straight. The more financially successful I become, the more money the government will take from me? And, MY money will be used to fund idealistic, social welfare programs, which have already been proven miserable failures in every country in which they've been implemented? Welcome to the wonderful world of Obamanomics!"
by doctorpinkfreud November 12, 2008
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The inevitable shift from a "feel good", "winds of change" mentality to feelings of disenchangment and betrayal that the blindly loyal followers of President Elect Barak Obama will experience, upon the realization that, his goals (upon ultimately being unveiled), are either too costly, or impossible to realize.
"Yeah, Shanaynay though Obama would change the system, and take care of the lower class, but when he raised taxes for to support social programs, she really got knocked upside the head with the Obamarang."
by doctorpinkfreud November 16, 2008
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A Democrat (or equally, intellectually challenged Republican", who blindly worships the empty rhetoric, and media creation that is Barak Obama.
"I used to think that my friend (fill in the blank) was an intelligent and morally intact individual, who could think for himself, but, sadly, he's become an Obamaton."
by doctorpinkfreud November 15, 2008
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A pejorative term I developed in reference to some, heartless, destructive, and vindictive women. From "vagina", referring to the mammalian birth canal and "dinosauria" (coined by Dr. Richard Owen) meaning "fearfully great lizard." The term is meant to convey the epitome of "bitch" potential that some (emphasized) women display.
My friend's ex-girlfriend broke up with him the day after her car fell off the ramps and crushed his legs while he was changing the oil. Now she's dating his mom. What a Vaginasaurus Rex.
by doctorpinkfreud October 13, 2008
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