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A light weight who imbibes three shots and becomes three sheets to the wind.
Devon said Sally pulled an Amish hat trick last night. She misplaced her panties, knocked out her front teeth, and slept on the fire escape.
by docjuan February 14, 2008
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An overagressive date partner who prematurely snatches the peach.
Janet says, "Marty's a real peach monkey, he's already rounded third base"
by DocJuan September 07, 2007
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Hair fashion of a dopey eyed, expressionless, middle aged, woman. She has cropped poodle hair, keeps a twinkie under her pillow, and rolls out of bed directly to work without a shower or makeup. Her upside down halibut smile greets her eager customers
Gladys just gave me the ol' upside down halibut smile over at the Phillip 66. She must of pulled another roll a dope this morning.
by docjuan March 05, 2008
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