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The one thing that prevents us from leading perfect lives. No matter hard you try to block it out, it's always there, crushing all of the fantastical endeavors you dream up.

Ever heard the phrase, "follow your dreams"? Of course you have. Well, by the end of your life, you can bet that reality will have rejected >99% of them, so you'll have to lower your standards IMMENSELY if you ever want to feel a sense of accomplishment.
Reality: Hey you. Yeah, you. Ever wanted to break away from the hopelessly flawed human race, and become everything you've ever dreamed of? Well TOO FUCKING BAD, I'm here to prevent you because I'm a bitch like that >:I
by do it fgt October 24, 2011
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Person 1: *posts picture of fat bitch shoving a doll into her vagina*
Person 2: wtfaila?
by do it fgt November 26, 2011
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