5 definitions by dmk

Often used for either:

A) a short kiss
B) Used by me (DMK) as a shortened Evil laf
"I am evil MWHA!"
"I love you Mwha"
by dmk July 12, 2003
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Very nice PC's Free of all wordmicrosoft/word spyware :)
l4mer: Hey i just got windows IBSO (Im being spied on) its great!!
Apple user: Dumb l4mer
by dmk July 3, 2003
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3l33t type, also know as 7eet, 3733t, or h4x0r, is regularly modified and used by people with high intelligence, or people where time means nothing to them. Here is a breif alphabet of all the letters in the DMK (Me) h4x0|^ alphabet

a=4 , b=b, c=|< (On kicking k sounds :-P) d=d, e=3, f=|=, g=g, h=h, i=1, j=j, k=|<, l=7, m=|\/|, n=|\|, o=0, p=p, q=q, r=|^, s=Z (on words like "is"), t=|-, u=u, v=\/, x=ecks, y=y, z=z

Further devlopments will be implimented into this language
"|=|^0|\/| |-h3 4b0\/3 y0u sh0u7d b3 4b73 |-o \/\/0|^|< 0u7 \/\/h4|- |-h1s s3z"
by dmk May 25, 2003
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To make others uncomfortable by saying the most awkward thing at the most inappropriate time
Dude, it's not OK to Thi everyone at a funeral!
by dmk January 9, 2004
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