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A reference to conservatives or Republicans, which alludes to the 2004 elections, in which 51 percent of the nation elected George Bush. Ironically many of those middle and lower class rural people who voted for him stand to lose money and other benefits as a result of his new Social Security plan.
the 51 percent supports essentially reversing Roe vs. Wade
by dmby.com March 27, 2005
sue johannson has a show on the oxygen network where she answers hilarious sex questions. She is an elderly woman, which makes watching her show a late-night favorite. Her show features the famous pleasure chest.
sue johannson is the man... errr... woman
by dmby.com March 27, 2005
olmec was the famous stone talking head on nickelodeons excellent show, 'legends of the hidden temple'. Kirk Fogg and him had excellent chemistry.
Olmec says: "What color was napoleons two cornered hat?"
by dmby.com March 25, 2005
A groin blaster is when you have an erection, and then you pull your legs together towards your groin really fast. This causes a painful rush of blood to the penis.
I gave myself the ol' groin blaster
by dmby.com March 29, 2005
This word refers to the condition when, after a great deal of fucking over a long period of time, a woman's vaginal walls will deteriorate to the point where the anal and vaginal cavities are connected. This will make defecating essentially involuntary. This was discussed on sex talk with Sue Johannson.
candy the 55 year old whore down the street has developed anal cunt
by dmby.com March 27, 2005
The percent of the nation which did not vote for George Bush. Could be used to refer to democrats or liberals. Essentially the same as Forty-Eight Percent Nation, although expressing less disparity in the numbers of people who supported either side.
the 49 percent are underrepresented
by dmby.com March 27, 2005