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a very delicious tea, made from black tea leaves and oil of bergamot
deron kicked back with a cup of earl grey to unwind
by disengage027 April 13, 2007

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in simple terms, a "language" for morons. generally members of an online gaming community will type like this, leading them to believe that they are funny and/or cool. the causes of them wanting to look like morons are unknown. see also: teh and pwned
online gamer: d00d!!!1 joo jus got mega pwnz0rd!! LOL @ joo n00b!

normal person: you sound like a dipshit. learn to speak english, isn't that something we were all taught in first grade?

online gamer: i sp33k l33tsp33k, itz my l4n9u49e!

normal person: dude get out of the house and get a life
by disengage027 April 11, 2007

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term often used (out of jealousy, most likely) to describe somebody doing non-homosexual acts; an oxymoron
guy 1: yo where's dan?
guy 2: oh, he's out with his girlfriend
guy 1: wow, that faggot
by disengage027 April 11, 2007

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