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Dgap - (dee-gap) pronounced as one word, not d.g.a.p

Don't Get All Pissed.

This acronym is used tell alleviate tension when one (a friend, coworker, etc) is getting all pissed/stressed.

No matter the situation, you'll always be able to crack a smile from your friend. Not only does this allow the gapper to stop and really think about how seriously the situation is or isn't, your group/friends will appreciate the alleviated tension.

While you could say the full sentence, the acronym should be used to express the urgency in not getting all pissed.

Relatedly, if you are the one getting all pissed you could express your dismay by stating that you're "gapped" or "gapping."

Caution - while this works in almost any situation, please use your judgement. For example if it is a serious situation (friend falls 7 feet, website breaks, someone really fucked up, someone dies) don't use dgap. It will only make the gapper, get more gapped. Don't ruin dgap by not using your judgement/common sense.

In no way, shape, or form can a person be "a dgap."
Friend: "Well this bitch I hate walked into work today in this awful getup and I was like why can't you just be normal...ramble..ramble"
You: dgap.

Friend: The client is getting gapped right now because we haven't responded and are late on these features.
You: Well tell them to dgap and you need to dgap too.

You: I'm seriously gapping right now because my pizza still hasn't been delivered
Pizza man: dgap.
by dgaphennybb June 29, 2011

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