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One who is described as a devoted fan to Adam Lambert and his scorching sexiness. Thrives on adamgasms. Usually declares their up-for-anything-and-everything attitude when it comes to Adam Lambert. Hence, a skank for anything Adam Lambert. A lambskank is also known as proof that Adam Lambert can certainly make the good girls go bad, such as his san diego streaker. Can also be classified as a Glambert or an Adam Bomb.
Adam Lambert makes me wanna do bad things with him. I am such a Lambskank for him.
by dee_nasir May 29, 2009
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A clever use of Adam Lambert's name and Bomb to be made sounding like 'Atom Bomb'. Describes the global phenomena Adam has caused with his incredible talent, sex appeal and charisma. Used to categorize a die-hard fan of Adam Lambert and everything that has to do with him. They are known as Adam Bombs because they're ever ready to explode in order to spread more Adam Lambert love and craze throughout the world. Also can be known as a Glambert or a Lambskank.
Person A: Man, those chicks cannot stop talking about Adam Lambert.

Person B: Of course! They're perfect examples of Adam Bombs! Ready to spread more and more Adam goodness everywhere.
by dee_nasir May 29, 2009
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A state of antsiness or anxiety when one goes too long without seeing pictures of Adam Lambert or hearing his music. A common find in Glamberts and Lambskanks.
Kav: What's wrong with you? You're all jumpy and antsy.

Dee: I haven't listened to Adam's music in like forever! I think I'm suffering from Adamlaphic Shock!
by dee_nasir May 29, 2009
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A pairing that involves Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta from American Idol Season 8. Everyone who supports Adison agree that these two have great chemistry and look amazing together. Most fans have even come to hope that they end up romantically together in the future.
Person A: Oh, my god! Did you watch Adam and Allison in Slow Ride and the finale? They look so good together!

Person B: I know, right? I am such a huge Adison fan too!
by dee_nasir May 30, 2009
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