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The act of conducting oneself in a frugal manner while on a Disney World vacation. Examples include excessive carryons to avoid airline baggage fees, bringing packed lunches into the parks to avoid expensive Disney dining choices, and staying in remote, low-cost accomodations.
We each had to carry two fully loaded carryons through both connecting flights in 3 airports, packed 2 to a seat into a Nissan Versa, stayed at the Motel 6 in Lakeland, and then had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that we carried around all day through the parks. It was supercashafrugalistic-expialidocious!
by dd9802 August 07, 2011

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The tragic task of breaking a large bill for a small amount. Remainder of previously saved bill becomes quickly and easily expendable once it has been 'smashed'.
I previously had two twenties, but when the bill came to $21.05 yesterday morning, the second one was a victim of cashsmashing. The remaining $18.95 in pocket change was gone at the end of the day.
by dd9802 August 07, 2011

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The process of expessing your enjoyment of an inappropriate comment posted on your Facebook page, prior to immediately deleting the entry. This is done by "Like"-ing the comment, then deleting it immediately after. With any hope, the writer will know their remarks were enjoyed even though they have been removed.
The comment he posted was hysterical, however I had to likedelete it before my (students, boss, older family members, etc) could see it....
by dd9802 July 30, 2010

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