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The act of one person taking many pictures of themself/ selfies on anothers camera, without them knowing about it: can vary from amounts of around 5 to as many of 30 photographs of the one person.

Usually an act commited by attention seeking, cake face, self centred tweens who want nothing more than a modelling job.
"Why do you have so many pictures of that chick on your camera?"

"Ahh, she totally camera raped me"
by dazzzzzz July 01, 2012
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Something that is even better than the awesomeness that is awesome, which makes it extremey awesome indeed. Awesome.
Tom: :O That's awesome!
Darren: Ye, but I am clearly awesome-er *cheesey grin, thumbs up and round of applause*
by Dazzzzzz June 11, 2008
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