3 definitions by davidcpuffer

(n.) Pejorative slang for bumper stickers, particularly those of a political nature. Coined by popular political and social commentator Jon Oliver.
Sometimes during rush hour, I'll read the traffic twitter on some of the other cars to pass the time.
by davidcpuffer April 25, 2022
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A jerk. A creep. A womanizer. A "bad boy". A promiscuous heterosexual man with a penchant for bedding women who are already in committed relationships.
My wife cheated on me with dirty dick rodney, so I'm going to divorce her.
by davidcpuffer April 21, 2022
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Slang for either state or federal prison. Often used by county jail inmates with prior military service.
I took the plea bargain the state offered me, so it looks like I'll be going downrange for 3-5 years.
by davidcpuffer April 23, 2022
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