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A male who frequently masturbates

Can be used as an offensive term -

"George Bush is a Bag Whacker"
"That bloke's a bag whacker"

"He can't get a girl so he just whacks his bag all day long"
by david81 April 01, 2006

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Derives from the following common Irish greetings

1, Whats the story?
2, Whats the craic?

It also comes from the Cockney rhyming slang -
Jackanory = story

So asking "Whats the craicanory" you're basically asking "whats up?" or "any news?"
All right boss whats the Craicanory?

by David81 March 11, 2006

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A male who maturbates
"I'm a member trembler cause i can't get a girl"
by david81 April 01, 2006

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One of the best post drinking session treats

Made by the good people at Burger King™

Basically a double burger with bacon strips and it is'nt ruined by putting on too many vegetables and mayo like a Big Mac™

Do you want another drink?
No, lets go to Burger King™ cause i really fancy a Bacon Double Cheeseburger
by David81 April 02, 2006

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