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motherfucker, twat, absolute zero. A person which does or did something bad to you.
Cecil, tell dat abbreviated piece of nothing to get his tail ova herr but fast
by dat-gurl-83 April 08, 2006

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The lean is named so after gangster's culture, because gangsters themself had been always leaning to the side, not to be shot from outside. But when you are gangsta leaning, you can't hold the wheel with a left hand, 'cause when you turn to the left or to the right, you need both hands on the wheel. Bros, you are cool like that, doing that gangster lean!
"Yo, Cecil,why u be drivin wit tha str8 bakk? Uze a gangsta lean, man, cuz dey be shootin' yo ass."
by dat-gurl-83 April 02, 2006

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