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Verb. When you purposely pass the closest toilet by your work area only to do your "big business" in another department's toilet to avoid your coworkers.

Noun. The travel time needed to shit in a safer zone.
I had too poo commute to the other side of the building to take a shit. It was nasty!

Noun: Thank god the floor above us was free. I had to ride the poo commute because Cindy sits right by our bathroom. ...and I sure like that Cindy.
by danwade September 15, 2009
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A absolute fucking retard.
Dude, your friend is a total fucktard.
by danwade November 09, 2007
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A Viking man's testicles
Man that party was great! We raised our glasses, then Bjorn whipped out his skoal balls and shook them in mid cheer yelling "Skoooooooal".
by danwade November 08, 2007
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Taking a shit. To make clay, To have taken a huge dump.
"I am making clay", "I just made clay" ,"I just made a clay sculpture".
by danwade July 29, 2009
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