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An amazing person who will always be there for her friends. You feel like you could tell her anything and she will keep it a secret. She doubts herself sometimes even though she is beautiful on the inside and out. She's also very organized.
Friend: Oh my gosh! I am so scared to sing in front of all these people!
Leah: It's ok. You're really good, and you're going to do great!
by dancinglilypad815 June 17, 2015

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A girl who is like sometimes very rude to you, but can actually be your best friend. That is until she crushes every childhood dream you ever had. She is now a bitch who talks bad about you behind your back, but still acts like your friend. She has anger managment issues. When you're around her you just want to scream.
Girl 1: OMG It's Abbey
Girl 2: (*screams*)
by dancinglilypad815 December 30, 2015

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