5 definitions by dan.s

Means giggle giggle tee hee, similar to lol, but for men that are confident in their sexuality or people that giggle more than they laugh out loud.
haha that was pretty funny. - 1st person

ggth yeah it was - 2nd person
by dan.s July 21, 2008
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A super-Christian. The one that knows every bible verse, every story, every answer to any bible related question. They may or may not have friends outside of their church/youth groups, and it is often thought that they don't. They often are quite evangelical to people, and will shout "Jesus loves you!" from their cars to people in the streets. They are insanely annoying, even to other Christians.
God rocker - "Hey! Jesus loves you! John 3:16!"
Atheist - "Wow, what a God rocker..."
by dan.s August 11, 2008
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A book job is, quite simply, fellatio in which one member of the act is also reading a book. A book job is also known as literahead.
Person 1 - "Awww man, I can't wait for tonight, my girl's gonna be giving me a book job."
Person 2 - "Sweet, what are you gonna be reading?"
Person 1 - "I thought parts of 1984 would be appropriate."
by dan.s September 29, 2008
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Similar to the subway of unconsciousness and the airplane of logic, the train of thought is used to casually describe one's thought process. It is usually lost, sometimes derailed, frequently hijacked, and has been known to reverse course. Also, the train of thought is never stated to have a beginning or an end, and it is unknown whether there are any passengers on board.
Dang it, I lost my train of thought again.
by dan.s July 21, 2008
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To be punished by being tickled. Considered a socially-acceptable torture by some and just plain silly by others. Regardless, ticklement is a severe punishment by any standards, as the victim of ticklement will giggle, laugh, and probably kick and scream violently until they wet their pants or pass out from lack of breath; or, on rare occasions, those giving the punishment might run out of energy, leaving the victim gasping for breath while simultaneously wheezing the last few chuckles out of their system.
Note - Ticklement is extremely effective if the victim is ticklish and giggles like a girl.
Haley - "Don't take my phone unless you want severe ticklement."
Dan - "No! Not ticklement!"
by dan.s September 09, 2008
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