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A word made famous by professional wrestler Bobby Lashley. He meant to say "bastard," but he speaks with a lisp, and instead it came out like "bathturd." It instantly became an internet phenomenon incredibly popular within the Internet wrestling community. It made Lashley full of teh lulz.
"You say your name is Finlay, and you love to fight...well I say your name is Finlay, and you're a bathturd."
by Dan Himself August 01, 2007

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A type of sweater worn specifically by professional grade school teachers, who exhibit high levels of authoritarianism. The sweater itself is usually wool, cotton, or a combination of wool and cotton, and it typically is designed with horizontal stripes. Color scheme is ususally shades of blue, with white or black accents to punctuate one's level of professionalism and real worldism. A teaching sweater is not meant to be worn outside of the classroom, and the wearer should be careful to not be seen wearing it in highly populated, dense college towns that are high in bar and club stock. Wearage of such garb in these places ususally leads to embarassment for everyone involved.
Upon examination of of the exuberant grade school teacher's teaching sweater, a gaggle of Penn State frat boys proceeded to excessively hate crime him until the police arrived.
by Dan Himself July 27, 2006

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