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marshall bruce mathers the third is only the most best and briliant mind in the world. allso known as slim shady and eminem. he has a beautifull daughter called halie jade briggs and a step daughter called layne.
he is curently maried to kim for the second time.
he has relesed 7 solo albums but allso has relesed albums with his group d-12 witch consists of him and five others.
hu ever rote that eminem was a choclate coated candy or wat ever needs to be shot thats blasfull. plus m&ms is splet like that not eminem....duh.
eminem is the most respected white rapper in the world and has the best mind fo rhyming ever!!
by damiens desciples July 13, 2006

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bohemian rhapsody is one of the coolest songs in the world. i dont think its the best but it is a very popular song that was relesed by queen. i have been hering that song since b4 i was born!!!
waynes wolrld: is one example of how popular the song is. in a scene when there driving in the car mike myers and dana carvey and others start rocking out to bohemian rhapsody.
the movie was very popular made mike kyers famous
by damiens desciples July 13, 2006

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fuck no im addicted to this site arrrgh HELP ME!!!!
its an expretion used wen you cant belive somthing lol
just like i cant fuken belive that i got addicted this fast
fuck no u got to be shitting me!!
by damiens desciples July 13, 2006

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