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a fixed-term contract is any contract of employment that will terminate:
-on the expiry of a specific term;
-on the completion of a particular task;
-on the occurrence or non-occurrence of any other specific event other than the attainment of retiring age
This post will be offered as a fixed-term contract with an end date of 30 September 2005
by dEnIz March 14, 2005
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l337 speak for pwning (owning) someone in commonly played nerd games such as counter-strike and well... counter-strike...
I r0x0rs jo0 b0x0rs nub.

I r l337 s4uc3 u r nublette s4auc3 because I r0x0rs jo0!

I r0x0rs jo0 mommy and daddy n00b... in tha PANTS!
by deniz January 09, 2004
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